Dudes. Saturday night I watched two 1970s alien flicks back to back: The Man Who Fell to Earth and Fantastic Planet, the latter of which I've seen at least a dozen times. Can we agree is has the best score of any movie, no exaggeration? Sorry, Suspiria. Blaxploitation twang + Gainesbourg drawl + AIR tangents + Pink Floyd prisms + Wicker Man psych rock. I'm still not assigning this a worthy enough description.

Parts of it sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it, so I asked the internet what I was hearing and it told me that Mad Lib sampled it in Come on Feet. And Big Pun sampled it in Boomerang. KEWL!


I haven't been this thrilled about a sample mystery since I bought a Nathan Davis album called IF from the $1.00 record store in 1996, took it home and stumbled into Stick Buddy which Tribe Called Quest sampled on their first album. Turned out there were only 1000 pressings. HOW MUCH DO YOU GUYS CARE ABOUT THIS? (sorry, nerding).

"Wait... are you seriously this big of an asshole?"

And this brings us to SNOWDAY! My very favorite day of vacation. Cobble Hill in the morning to Ft. Greene in the afternoon to the East Village at dusk...

What I don't have pics of is the rad snowball fight happening in the park. Teenagers, kids and couples (and us). Seriously made me want to pack up my sunny house in LA and move back.


These snow squirrels were all over the park. There was a teeny tiny cute old man making them. He and his wife were artists and sculptors that had lived in the East Village since they were students. Every morning he would take her for a walk around the park until three years ago when she passed away. She loved the black squirrels, so every winter when it snows he goes to the park and sculpts them for her until he has covered the park with them "because it makes her laugh." I know. Are you sobbing womantears from deep within yet?

Dear dogs and Olds, 

I love you. 

Dogs, I will take care of any of you, anytime. Olds, I will be your friend, listen to you, and honor you til I'm one of you, at which point I will talk shit about all of my friends to you until you die of boredom and I die of sun poisoning from hanging by the pool too long. Hopefully there will be a lemon tree nearby to brighten the mood when the coroner comes to fetch my dead corpse, which will be rigor mortis in a lounge chair, my left fingers clenched around an Arnold Palmer, my right holding onto a copy of I'm With The Band 2.


 Dropped off Ollie Red Sox and went to a cozy 2 hour dinner w Tasha, Amber, Carrie and Kathy Cho at Lavagna. INSANELY delicious Italian food and so romanticals. We headed to the Fish to meet Henry.

my old boss, Foss. Happy 8 yr anniversary today LIT!

Pt. 2 next...