The Borscht Belt aka DIRTY DANCING LAND

Went to the Catskills for the weekend...


 Gavin and Sophie Whiterabbit by the creek


Took a little drive. Actually a lot of drive. We went to a few little towns, but mainly just drove and drove and drove and drove and drove. Our GPS was down and it wasn't working on any of our phones so if our car had broken down we could've been murdered in the woods. Sad part is, I've been up to the cabin multiple times. Women drivers!


Saturday night...
Gavin and Emily (and their kids Sophie and Duncan) have a cabin next door to David's. Emily has a giant teepee - a real one - out back

not to mention the most beautiful dream house ever...
This bear is dressed as my 11 yr old boyfriend in summercamp. You think I'm kidding but wait til you read about it in the first kiss zine that Elizabeth and Marisa are working on.

the office
 Emily had this cast and gave it to him as a birthday gift one year. The plaque says "I hope its a fart"

Back to the cabin...
1am dinner prepared by this manfish, no bigs

Oh this? Nothing. Just Elizabeth reminding herself to remember the story Gavin told us about how his family back in Scotland had a personal beef with Rod Stewart for 20 years, which Gavin carried with him in as many years. Hence, the Beef Torch. I thought I had made up that term, so in all my excitement I gloated on the internet that I made a new rap lyric. But as Twitter would have it, I did not.

Let me just say that I've smoked weed maybe twice since high school. Never liked it. Until my October 2009 visit to New York when shit got crucial and ended badly after a trip to the deli. Anyhow, being that I'm an amateur, I don't know anything about paraphernalia. That said, when the guys found a VAPORIZER I didn't know what to do with it. Or even what it was. Took one hit and through a long thought process that followed this trajectory:

...vaporizer ≥ Hookah pipe --> Cheshire Cats --> tree --> the woods --> Cheshire cats again --> toking --> Alice in Wonderland --> Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum --> fat, effete, buck-toothed red- headed boys (that was how they looked in the 80's version of the book that my parents read me) --> the "Ginger Wars" episode of South Park --> animation --> the new Alice in Wonderland movie --> the Tea Party scene...

only these words came out of my mouth: "We are literally, like, Johnny Depp's most respected colleagues, you guys." Found out about my proclamation on Twitter the next day. Sweet! In case you are not yet aware, I am unusually fond of Twitter. Sad, really.

Hunter and Liz

Of course when we got home and looked through our photos, this little gem was mixed in. I'm just glad Danielle finally got to see Gavin's ween, because I'm pretty sure she's one of the only New Yorkers who hasn't been privy to it yet. Oh you haven't either? How could you have missed this thing?

Thanks for the fun times McInneses!