Home Stretch


Hello friends and family-


I want to thank all of you who have generously donated to my AIDS Ride fundraiser. I am only $500. from my goal now and completely on track to meet the $3000. mark within the next two weeks thanks to you!

As difficult as it has been to raise this money, I have to say that being this close has motivated me both physically and mentally. Thank you for encouraging me and keeping me on track. If you haven't already donated please click the link below for my fundraising page and updates:

I also want to let you know that I am dedicating my ride to my stepmom Anne who did this ride on her 50th birthday after the passing of her daughter and my sister Natacha. I can't wait to do this ride and make your kindness, your donations, and your moral support pay off. Thank you guys!

xo Aviva

You're Making My Dreams Come True


Since my last post 3 days ago you guys have helped me reach 50% of my fundraising goal! Your amazing 
generosity not only proves to me that people still care about things other than the Real Housewives of 
Beverly Hills Reunion Episodes (not that there is much else to care about), but it has completely reinvigorated me 

I was feeling a little discouraged. My team dropped out, I hadn't raised much money, the cost of a proper new bike, 
gear, and equipment are high and not included in the fundraising, and my training hasn't been good enough until 
recently. After seeing an outpouring of donations and friends offering to donate art, clothes and other things to help 
me hold a fundraising party, I feel inspired again and I would do this ride alone no matter what. Camping with 
thousands of strangers from all over the world even though I hate camping? NO PROBLEM. Being out of my 
physical and mental element? NO PROBLEM. Worrying about taking a week off from my regular job and clients? 
OKAY SLIGHT PROBLEM because I don't like taking time off. But it's all going to be worth it once I'm on that 
beautiful ride with all those goal-driven people.

I will be shouting out my supporters from the road on Instagram and sending postcards to each of you along the way, 
so if you haven't donated yet drop a few bucks on my page and join me on my journey! As a preliminary thank you, 
here is a cute cute cute cute cute cute cute CUTE thank you gerbil-hamster (what is it?):

Thank you to my supporters:

Alex 2/Tone
Jennifer Brandt & Nic Taylor
Rich Awn (see you on the ride Rich!)
Matt Lenski
David Cross
Ilona Klaver
Jessie Mann
Nelleke McCowan
Kate Carraway
Suzy and Coady Willis (who gave me $69.69 because they are perverts!)
Chevonne Moore
Mark Aguilar
The O'Niells
Delia Sweeney
Julia Dimon
Shay Neilsen
Ann Heche and the Heche Family
April Jones
Keeli Shaw
Jeremy & Danika Sirota
Nick Stern
Tracy Stewart
Michael Lavoilette
Alex Yenni
Elliot Aranow
Rudj Escobar
Nancy Kagan
Mollie Culligan
Sarah Soquel Morhaim
Kasey Price
Ellisah Gennello
Andrew Bangs
Avril Lang

I love you guys. Thank you SO MUCH!

We're getting closer!

Hey guys! 

I am chugging along in my training for the AIDS ride which is now only 2 months away. I am excited to tell you that 
I have already reached 22% of my fundraising goal that I need to reach in order to participate! A lot of you have 
already donated and THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing so - your support not only encourages me personally, but it's 
helping to cure BABY AIDS N STUFF and save people's lives. Don't you want to cure BABY AIDS? Don't be a baby 
killer! (jokes etc etc more jokes etc)

Anyhow, I can really use your support with as little as a $10.00 donation. And of course if you are in LA, please join 
me for one of the beautiful long coastal rides in Malibu or to from the San Gabriel Mountains to Seal Beach on the 
weekends as part of my training.

I have a long way to go for fundraising and I'm going to start being very proactive about it for the next two months.
The sooner I raise the $3000. to join, the sooner I can stop posting about this ride and get down to the fun stuff, which
includes shouting out all of my supporters from the road and sending you postcards. Thank you all for your support so far!

Love you all!

xo Aviva

Let's Do This!

Hello, Readers! I have some juicy new posts coming up, but I wanted to let you know about something very important. This June, I’m embarking on a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles entirely by bicycle. This will be my first year participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle, a ride that raises money and awareness for HIV/AIDS prevention and I am very excited!

This is going to be my first attempt at serious fundraising, as I have to raise a minimum of $3000. to be able to participate in the ride and I need your help getting me there! Plus, your donation will directly improve the lives of others. 

The funds we raise together will be going to the San Francisco AIDS FoundationThe AIDS Foundation provides free healthcare and low-cost medication to people who have the virus. Your gift will help do outreach in poor communities, communities of color, and help spread prevention awareness about HIV. This is a very good thing we can do together!


If you click on any of those adorable piggies, you will be linked directly to my donation page! The minimum donation is just $5.00, but I know money is tight for many people, so if you can't donate, please spread this link on Twitter or Facebook and share it with your friends. It's just as meaningful to me. 

Another way you can help is by joining our team! 

The ride is one week long and is an average of 80 miles per day. We will stay in camps provided by the AIDS Lifecycle Foundation and (delicious) meals are provided throughout the entire ride. Also, if you HATE public restrooms and port-o-potties like I do, you'll be happy to know that the AIDS ride has some of the cleanest facilities on the planned routes you can ever hope for. A Germaphobe's dream! And you'll be riding through some of California's most coveted scenery. You can read more about the route HERE.

If you are interested in joining, please let me know in the comments. As a pre-thank you for either donating, spreading the word, or just quietly hoping that I reach my fundraising goal, here is an awesome Internet cat and my boyfriend Ron Swanson:

I will keep you posted on my progress and will post occasional pics of our rides and recipes at instagram.com/avivayael. 

xx Aviva