Mom Quotes by Aviva Yael

I recently visited my mom in New Orleans (my hometown, born and raised). We had a fun visit that mostly consisted of going out to eat at all my favorite spots. If you ever go to New Orleans, ask me where to eat, drink, and dance. Anyhow, as usual my mom shared her special brand of advice and opinions. I collected some of her more seminal phrases. Below are a few killer classics:

We drove past a giant building that was under construction.
Mom: (Gasp) "They're building a modern extravaganza!"

Me: "I can't believe dad smokes pot"
Mom: "Oh honey he's what they call a doper." 

Me: "Why do you have so many cookies in your house?"
Mom: "Because I'm a junkie"

"Button it"

"Oh please, he's so full of shit I don't know how he can walk"


"He's kind as can be, but ugly as sin"

"Maybe it's time you start looking into freezing your eggs"

Thanks for making me mom! I love you!

What's your favorite mom quote?