Thank you!

Thanks to you I've successfully raised the $3000. I needed to be able to participate in the

550-mile AIDS Ride

on June 2nd! I'm so excited, grateful, and personally moved by the amount of support and effort you guys have put into helping me make this long-time goal happen.

If you would still like to support me but couldn't donate before I met my goal, you can donate to a separate PayPal fundraiser I've set up, which will go directly toward next year's fund by clicking this:

Please click that Paypal button in the upper right corner of this here blog. There is also an article entitled "

Science Proves Women Love a Big Ol' D

" right after this post for you to read as an added bonus (or loss, depending on your favorite penis size).

Thank you so much guys and sorry for the campaigning but it really does mean a lot! 

xoxo Aviva