You're Making My Dreams Come True


Since my last post 3 days ago you guys have helped me reach 50% of my fundraising goal! Your amazing 
generosity not only proves to me that people still care about things other than the Real Housewives of 
Beverly Hills Reunion Episodes (not that there is much else to care about), but it has completely reinvigorated me 

I was feeling a little discouraged. My team dropped out, I hadn't raised much money, the cost of a proper new bike, 
gear, and equipment are high and not included in the fundraising, and my training hasn't been good enough until 
recently. After seeing an outpouring of donations and friends offering to donate art, clothes and other things to help 
me hold a fundraising party, I feel inspired again and I would do this ride alone no matter what. Camping with 
thousands of strangers from all over the world even though I hate camping? NO PROBLEM. Being out of my 
physical and mental element? NO PROBLEM. Worrying about taking a week off from my regular job and clients? 
OKAY SLIGHT PROBLEM because I don't like taking time off. But it's all going to be worth it once I'm on that 
beautiful ride with all those goal-driven people.

I will be shouting out my supporters from the road on Instagram and sending postcards to each of you along the way, 
so if you haven't donated yet drop a few bucks on my page and join me on my journey! As a preliminary thank you, 
here is a cute cute cute cute cute cute cute CUTE thank you gerbil-hamster (what is it?):

Thank you to my supporters:

Alex 2/Tone
Jennifer Brandt & Nic Taylor
Rich Awn (see you on the ride Rich!)
Matt Lenski
David Cross
Ilona Klaver
Jessie Mann
Nelleke McCowan
Kate Carraway
Suzy and Coady Willis (who gave me $69.69 because they are perverts!)
Chevonne Moore
Mark Aguilar
The O'Niells
Delia Sweeney
Julia Dimon
Shay Neilsen
Ann Heche and the Heche Family
April Jones
Keeli Shaw
Jeremy & Danika Sirota
Nick Stern
Tracy Stewart
Michael Lavoilette
Alex Yenni
Elliot Aranow
Rudj Escobar
Nancy Kagan
Mollie Culligan
Sarah Soquel Morhaim
Kasey Price
Ellisah Gennello
Andrew Bangs
Avril Lang

I love you guys. Thank you SO MUCH!