Po's Top 20 Real Life Celebrity Stories

Aviva's note: these aren't my celebrity stories. These belong to Po. Enjoy her guest post.

Here are some true stories, facts, and secrets that I have been brain hoarding which carry no credence. I've witnessed or been part of all of these, which is a study in the close proximity of celebrities to regular people who grow up in Manhattan. Always a blessing, never a curse. 

1. Jonah Hill will eat 15+ chilled cocktail shrimp in just a few short minutes.

2. Keanu Reeves will not hold the door for you.

3. Kathryn Bigelow does not wear thongs.

4. Nathan Lane is rude to his driver.

5. Steve Buscemi will kindly deal with you accidentally putting salt in his cappuccino.

6. No one talks to Axl Rose at parties.

7. Jamiroquai once bought a bunch of sneakers at the Adidas store. They were all purple.

8. David Blaine passed out with his mouth open during ‘The Dictator’ after making some nachos disappear.

9. David Blaine can hypnotize you into giving him your phone number.

10. Jim Jarmusch loooooves hoagies.

11. Sean Connery is intolerant of litter.

12. Scarlett Johansen loves Depeche Mode.

13. Lou Reed will demand a cheese plate even if it’s not on the menu.


Lenny Kravitz is really patient.

15. Maxwell likes to order rum drinks from The Rusty Knot and take home the cool Tiki glasses. (Don't worry, he brings them back)

16. Joey Fatone will let you call him Fat One.

17. Dead Prez will not hurt you if  drunkenly throw popcorn at them (I was throwing it in the air, not at y'all. Sorry, Dead Prez)

18. Janet Jackson did coke in the back of an unnamed person's dad’s restaurant. 

19. When heckling a guy walking in front of you on the street and calling hima “Carson Daly mothafucka” make sure before he turns around that he is not, indeed, Carson Daly.

20. The lead singer of 3rd Eye Blind has no shame in hitting on you while wearing Birkenstocks.

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