Hello, hi

my emo anthem

Sometimes I wish I were a Boring Normy so I could do what is expected of me and find happiness in the lighter realms of existence like everyone else. Instead I'm either inspired or frustrated, often simultaneously. Right now I'm inspired and working fervently on a number of fun projects, some with friends.

If I had 2 kids and no choice but to work I would punch a time clock and shut up about it. However, I'm not tethered to any person, place or thing yet and I'm lucky enough to get paid for my opinions. Soooo... sitting at a desk all day for something I don't believe in feels sort of like dating a Stage 5 Clinger. You know when you're in an editorial meeting and some marketing chick tells you to check TMZ to see what's happening in the "news" and your throat closes up and you start to feel like you're going into anaphylactic shock? Or that feeling you get when you are forced to write about bands that suck so hard James Dyson should name his machines in their honor? UNNGGGHHHH.

Welp, those days are over. I finally started working on building my business up (I consult with brands and businesses on their websites, social media, and editorial content, and my main gig is working for Pharrell Williams which is THE SHIT - I love it). I'm slowly researching subjects for my second book and hopefully someday will travel across the country to complete it. I love collecting beer coozies at gas stations and judging cities based on their thrift stores. The South and the Dakotas are peppered with occasional lot lizards, carnies and assorted Lynchian creatures you'd expect along the darker parts of the road, and there are racists and obese people that I forget exist outside of TV. Beyond the Wal-mart stampedes and misguided religious zealots, America is actually beautiful and full of kind people. Dumb-ass people mostly, but kind nonetheless.

But what I've really been itching to do is take another big trip. Iceland? Costa Rica? The Emerald Isle? Bhutan? We'll see. A trip like that will be my reward for taking care of business first. Right now I'm focused on my work and my next move.

My philosophy is this: do everything you can to be happy, but just remember that in life there are always a couple of turds in the pudding.