I spoke to the Internet. His name is Bob.

Remember how I used to do The Daily Tids and people really loved those and just when they started to get going I left them abruptly and broke the Internet's heart (aka no one actually noticed)? Well, I've shucked my wares over to Cultist, where I will be doing a new weekly roundup of my favorite tids. My first post went up and everyone is buzzing about it! Check out some of the blurbs it's getting:

"Finally, someone is forging new territory by curating the best of the Internet in a keen, thoughtful manner." - David Remnick, Editor-In-Chief, The New Yorker

"Aviva's extraordinary recaps of today's core issues help us prioritize our news and determine our values as a society. Without her insight, we wouldn't even know where to begin." - Barack Obama, President of the United States of America

"Aviva is a portal through which the Internet speaks" - God

Read my piece for Cultist HERE.