Let's swap internets

Here are some of my all time favorite videos. I can't force you, but I can beg you to watch these. All of them. I've watched most of these at least a dozen times each and nearly all of them have ended up on this blog at some point.

the greatest date (and beer commercial) ever dreamed, ft that awesome song from Ghost World.

Watch this in it's entirety if you want to have every feeling of your own mortality and the scope of your potential wrapped up into one bone-chilling, inspirational performance. It's absolutely incredible.

How bouts you share your favorite videos with me and I promise I'll watch them. Leave me the links in the comments plzplzplz

Also, I lost my iTunes when my hard drive collapsed (NO IT WASNT BACKED UP I KNOW I KNOW JESUS CHRIST). Hence, I need some really good jams, old and new. We've done this before folks! Let's trade songs on AIM. You can hit me up at teenangster4 and I'll give you what I can. But mostly I need your music because my new iTunes library is an empty sadscape. Help me out dogs!

Here is a love song we can make rad babies to... after you send me your most valuable, top shelf, personally definitive jams:

PS- Remember how I used to do my little news of the day / science corner? Welp, I'm bringing back The Daily Tids. Stay tuned!