Black Friday

In honor of Black Friday I thought I'd post my annual Christmas Wish List, a pointless tradition I do here on the ol' blog. Here is my favorite list, in case you want to make up for all the things you didn't get me. (Dad, are you reading this? If so, can you pretty please get me giant flat screen TV installed above my mantle and a $5,000. gift certificate to Bona Drag? Theeeenks!)

Here's what I wish for this year:

- someone else's iTunes songs. Need help. Send new music, fast!
- cooking classes
- your #1 favorite book you think I should read, which you can send via my Amazon account HINT HINT HINT HINT
- an escort to THIS
- pals who will see pretty much anything HERE, even if we need to bring blankets to keep warm
- renewed subscriptions to THIS, THIS or THIS
- earbuds that will neither hurt my ears nor strangle me in my sleep (great fear of mine)

What's on your Christmas list? Tell me what you want and I'll send you fruitcake & turducken no matter.