This season Jeremy Scott delivered elegant, sophisticated silhouettes, once again showcasing his penchant for subtle sartorial charm. THESE PIECES SEEM EASILY WEARABLE BY ALL:

Those assless chaps shorts are sizzling on the scene

I know my boyfriend would love to hit up the bank or take a stroll through Whole Foods in one of these looks.

In addition to the male hillbilly strippers from Pee-Wee's playhouse, half a dozen female models traipsed the runway at Milk Studios clad in cow prints. Ladies love to don an all-over bovine print. Anything that gives off a sizzling "sexy cow" vibe, really. Jeremy really gets it! Can't wait to see Look #1 (left) on Katy Perry. You can check out the rest of what we'll call 'Jeremy Scott's Casual Friday Collection' on Milk Studios' site MILKMADE. Happy ASS-CHAPPING!