I miss you guys

I miss this blog. I used to be addicted to it. Remember when Ted aka "Handsome Ted" Barrow used to write with me on this thing? He was the best. I miss Ted too. Remember how we used to get nuts in the comments and anonymous haters would tell me I suck while others would ask me out on dates? I even made a few fan pals who I met IRL at bars around NYC. Those days were fun, but this is now, and ever since I stopped posting pictures of my friends being idiots and/or doing neat things, no one reads this anymore. Maybe they'll come back here if I do, though.

SO! What should I write about? Politics? Shame crushes? Superstring theory? Breaking Bad? Acceptable forms of mens footwear? Bravo reality show addicts and the people who love them (aka my boyfriends)? Is it acceptable to not like Radiohead if you're white? How long we think it will take for everyone to stop crapping their bikinis over Ryan Gosling? For real... what do you want to talk about? DO TELL.

On another note, some major life changes are in motion. Despite feeling the stress of the economic collapse and the political tourniquets strangling us all, life has been pretty good to me, particularly in the last two months. I'm relieved, happy, and finally finding time to prioritize the things I care about and actually do them, like researching subjects for my second book.

We all have responsibilities (jobs, school, taking care of our families) and not all of us have the luxury of doing what we truly want to do. But we should at least try to get paid for doing what we love. If you love something you'll be good at it and it will in turn make you feel great. Feeling great is essential to not dying alone. No one wants to love a miserable shrew, and you will most certainly be miserable if you're tethered to a stifling, uncreative entity that renders you moot, climbing an insurmountable pile of shit that grows larger by the day. (I'm speaking from experience here).

Get out a pen and paper, list the top three things you care most about and start crafting them into pyramid schemes. The most scalable of the three is your dream job. Boo-yah, you're rich!

Things I care about include hanging with my family, good jokes, great story tellers, dark movies, reading alone at the beach, reading The Hairpin, Futurism, getting angry at the TV, complaining, 3 o'clock naps, thrifting, road trips, and sneaking sweet ingredients into traditionally savory breakfast items. All I have to do to be happy is figure out how to combine all of these priorities into one comprehensive, high-paying dream job.

In the meantime I'll just be sitting here needlepointing awesome tweets onto pillows and blogging. So... what do you want to read about? Thoughts? Feelings? Pffffts?