NYC: Refugee Camp for Rich People!

I took a 10 day vacation to New York City. Didn't have any plans, the weather was shit, and I had no real reason for going other than needing some time off to decompress and step away from an endless barrage of non-stop work.

I did everything, saw everyone, ate everywhere, relaxed and partied. So fun. Let's take a stroll shall we?

Pia came downstairs from her insane job at People's Revolution to say hi to me at Lucky Strike. This was a good start to my trip. I love me some Pia and need a good chick-out with her once in awhile. 

This is my b-fry Tasha and her nearly perfect husband Gerhard, who is the coach of the Chinatown Soccer Club. He's polite, kind, interesting, and an all-around stand up guy. Where are more of these people? They don't have these kinds of people anywhere. When you meet one, keep them. They are national treasures. 

Ran into Lysa in Soho looking like a 16th century Mongolian warrior. Miss you Coops!

Tried the new(ish) $1. dumpling house on Essex. Not as good as the OG spot, but convincing.

Had a party at Bacaro Friday night. Here's my top shelf bish, Crystal

Amy and Tasha

Pete. Pete is very astute when it comes to drinking. His ability to consume inordinate amounts of alcoholic beverages while acting sober is almost off-putting... until you get to hour 3 and then it's shitballbananabrainz hour. I like it when Pete turns because he reveals new and lofty parts of his already genius brain, which I will never really grasp.

This Enid-looking fine piece of ass is one of my dearest and closest friends, miss Jen Baca. Some of the greatest memories of my entire life have been spent with this speshul snoeflake. She lives in London running Erdem, so I never get to see her. Bums me out a little. Currently crafting a plan to get her to move back to NY.

You all know who this dreamboat is... my little Johnny Roberts! If you haven't seen Bob's Burgers your life is in shambles! John plays the mom, Linda, who is the best part of the show- no offense to Kristen, Eugene or Jon. They're all hilarz, but John is MAH BOO and I can't even look at him without cracking up. He's a stah.

Linda, right

Elana and Michelle aka MZ aka Michelle Zacks aka Zack Attack

Kuo and Kathy being blown out by my camera and photobombed by 'Linda'

Jonny Famous and Megan

Next day we went to the Ft Greene flea and spent the rest of the day at Roman's. Like, ENTIRE rest of day into the night. Dunno.

Jen came too. They got along swimmingly.


Morgan and I and headed to Williamsburg to meet up with Sweeney for a late dinner. Can we talk about how Morgan was driving a Nissan Cube? A CUBE. Not to sound like an asshole but EWWWWWWW as if! Ew ew ew ew ew ew. DO NOT WANT. DNW DNW DNW.

Wait I'm tired. I'll finish later.