Dream Job

As you know I am currently the Director of Affairs for the International Dimple Relocation Program.

But someday when I am done raising my kids and I'm living in a cabin with my hilarious, brilliant husband, I want to be the editor of a science and nature site... that’s funny. Nothing like that exists right now. Gizmodo is great for tech, Scientific American has fascinating coverage of daily science news, New Scientist has weak headlines but covers some really conceptual and aspirational content that I like. Motherboard comes close and is hands down one of my favorite sites. But no one has fit all the best content together into an entertaining, clever voice for the people, and I’d love to do that some day.

My supergoal is to write a sci-fi fantasy book about botanical warfare, using my limited knowledge of various biomes to create a violent and beautiful, non-human world. It's not pretty in the jungle. Trees are always trying to choke each other out and there are countless entities whose existence relies predominately on infecting trees. The trees are the lions of the forest.

Of course I’m saving all of this for when I’m retired, after I've raised my kids and have nothing to do but read botany books and brush up on how climates effect ecosystems down to the smallest species.

I have no storyline yet, but there will be epic story arcs and relatable struggles so that it can ultimately be made into an animated children's movie. It should be fairly formulaic in terms of a basic good vs evil plot, while making room for the inevitable cruelty and randomness of nature. I don't know how the story will be told yet, but the only thing I know is that this dystopian planet will be saved by various non-human forces, and my underdogs are going to include a righteous army of Banana Slugs.