Tiny Genius

You know what really unharshes my mellow? Slo-mo flying dawgs

thanks to PM Lawn (Pete) for the link

Parisian directorial collective
Pleix produced a stunning slow-motion video for the Daft Punk-ish track "Birds" by Vitalic way back when (in 2006!!). 

Not only is the song inescapable, but the video itself is universally compelling, as it embodies everything good in the world: adroit vision, artistic intent, lush music, and animals being beautiful, as they are. It's practically a Synesthetic experience.

Is it funny or is it gorgeous? These two things aren't allowed to coexist in the same context (hilarious model anyone)?

This is not only one of the best videos ever made according to me, it is most likely the inspiration for one of the OTHER best videos ever made- Thunderheist's highly-sexualized chicken-choking electro jam, JERK IT.

Shit gets real at 2:17