I had a slumber party

3 millionth viewing of Dirty Dancing + 2 bottles of wine + fireplace + iPhones apps =


Now I feel like we know each other.

Moving along, I've been getting back into some of my favorite jams from the black '90s. I skipped Doc Martens and Nirvana and went straight to collecting rare jazz and funk at Amoeba and Saturn Records (RIP). I DJ'd house parties and had a rapper boyfriend. Here's me spinning records from the black 90s:

And now, some jams.

Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics "Yo That's That Shit"

Whenever I listen to this I feel like a dude but I don't care its so good.

EPMD sampling Average White Band. So good.

East Flatbush Project "Tried by 12" is still the jam. Song starts at :37

This is kind of a giant DUH because I'm pretty sure this has been everyone's favorite song at some point? Even my dad would like this.

Anyhow, there's million more but I'm gonna go to sleep. Oh waitwait! I have a stalker and it's not even a desperate lonely guy with low self-esteem! Just an online troll.

I think this person is going to eventually kill me (with the Internet).

Nighty-night xx