bad news

I just got back from a week long trip to NY for work and to see my best friend from high school get married and I took OOOOOOHHHHH about 200 photos of everything from bands, parties, celebrities, friends, my friends who are babes, a boy I like, a boy who likes me, a boy who likes me who I don't like, more friends, good times, and a TON of amazing street style and random only-in-New-York type scenarios, only to have my


I hope whoever stole my camera (which was actually property of Buzzmedia) gets a papercut every single day for the rest of their lives. MAY YOUR TOE BE STUBBED EVERY MORNING WHEN YOU WAKE UP, ASSHOLE!

I was all psyched to start blogging again. I even wrote down a few notes so I wouldn't forget to tell you some of the subtle nuances that illustrate larger stories which cannot be told without writing a chapter. Perhaps this is God telling me my time here is done and that no one cares. I am over 30 now so maybe I should just start cooking and stop Interneting. But I do still have my crap ass Blackberry photos... anyhow.

I'm too scared to blog without photos because if I write too much shit will get mad real and believe me you don't want me to unleash my kvetchfest upon you. DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT THE PHOTOS ARE JUST A BUFFER BETWEEN MY SOCIAL SUICIDE AND PRESERVING SOME DIGNITY???

Love you guys. Back again soon.