The Internet Is My Boyfriend 8/28/10

Every morning I wake up and read the whole entire Internet. Usually there's something about Pakistan, unemployment, the impending Palin presidency, and Burmese humanitarian atrocities that dominate my psyche. In order to counteract the pain that is life, I turn to the Internet to wipe my tears, hold me a little bit, and tell me everything is going to be okay.

And then he makes me laugh and we run off into the sunset together. And by running off into the sunset, I mean posting these tidbits to share with you guys on my blog because this is my happyspace.

1. A call to donate your body parts for consumption at a new cannibalistic restaurant in Germany is inspired by "the indigenous Brazilian Waricaca tribe, which once practiced the ritual of 'compassionate cannibalism,' or eating parts of the corpse of a loved one to emphasize the connection between the living and the dead." I smell a hoax but... (via BoingBoing)

2. No better way to impress the ladies at a party than by busting out your Criss Angel Magic Kit. WHY IS THIS DUDE SO CORNY??? (via Videogum)

3. The history of the word "DUDE." (via Good)

4. Some film nerd calls for the movies to stop being so, you know, ORANGE AND TEAL. I love the tiny genius who wrote this. (Abyss)

hiiiiii! i love youuuuuu

5. OH MAI GUDNESS GRACIOUZZZ a baby tiger was found in a suitcase. (via Treehugger)

6. Lady Gaga has approved Lady Gaga Halloween costumes. So definitely do not be Lady Gaga this year unless you want to have the same outfit as e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. LADY GAGA IS THE NEW "SEXY" HALLOWEEN COSTUME, but  then again you can stop being a nursemaidcat. Liberty!