I have another Jimmy Fallon thingy

This second JF tidbit is a story that my friend told me on IM which I have cut and pasted below:

So Jimmy Fallon is at this late night recording session with my friends' band hanging out in the studio and whatnot, and he starts obsessing about ...wait...this story is steeped in background info and it might not be that funny...ok anyway...

So he starts obsessing about the Talk Box (its an effect, doesn't matter), which Peter Frampton famously used on that "Live" album. Also, he had recently met Joe Walsh of the Eagles, and was bragging about it to the band. (btw… The Eagles? Who cares?)

So he goes, "Joe Walsh will know where we can get a Talk Box let's call him" and they're all, "Really?"

He's all set on calling Joe Walsh, mainly to show off that he's got his number and to ask about this Talk Box. It's late in NY, but Walsh lives in LA so he goes for it.

He makes the call and has to apologize for calling so late and explain who he is and how they met, etc.

Anyhow he's on the phone with him and goes, "Hey Joe, where can I get a Talk Box?"

And Walsh says, "You're in NY?"

Fallon thinks for some reason that this old guy's got some inside track to old rad gear for some reason...

So Walsh says, "You're in NY?"

and Fallon says, "Yeah!" all excited

and Walsh says, "Uhhh... Guitar Center? In Union Square?"


Whatever- he was hilarious at the Emmys. I'm still singing "Drama."