Billy Silverman, my hero

My editor at Huffington Post is also one of the people I most adore in real life. He lives far far away from me in Silverlake, but we keep in touch.

Today he is taking me to to taste the new menu at Gladstones with some Olds who live in Malibu. He takes me to beautiful Italian restaurants and private parties at the Hammer Museum. We also hang in dive bars and The Grove with all the regular common folk sometimes. I love Billy Silverman. He was a gift from Matt Lenski. Thank you Matt!

Meantime, here is a taste of Billsville:

He speaks like this in real life. My favorite thing about Billy is that when you ask him a question he usually responds in one of two ways. It's either "Who's to say?" or "Who can ever tell?" Occasionally there will be a good old "Could be" in there. Just recently got a nice "And so it shall be"...

ME: You gonna see Twilight: Eclipse?
BS: Who's to say?

ME: What should I drink? Beer or Jameson?
BS: Who can ever know?

ME: Do you like this color on me?
BS: Could be

ME: Let's drink these beers together while we simultaneously work and IM into the wee hours.
BS: And so it shall be

Tomorrow will officially be my first night off. I'm going to eat, then go to bed at a decent hour. Something I haven't done much of all week.