I had such an amazing weekend doing absolutely NOTHING at the beach. I barely worked for the first time in months and my phone died so my electronic leash was broken- no one could find me. I'm staying in Venice at my friend's bungalow on Rose Street this summer and vegging out in the sun on the weekends.

We've had late night meals at Gjelina, World Cup games at Venice Street Wines, outdoor fire pits in the yard, friends stopping by in and out all weekend. I'm going thrifting in Topanga Canyon, buying junk and taking photos of the crazies at Muscle Beach, I'll eat seafood after a day in Malibu, ride bikes, watch the surfers, go to BBQs, and take naps in the garden. July is shaping up to be one long top shelf vacation. No one will be able to harsh my mellow this summer.

Meantime, Brendan Donnelly says it best: