Going to the Silent Movie Theatre is one of the best things about living in LA. This is sort of like Derrick Beckles' TV CARNAGE except the carnage is compiled from movies instead of TV. AND it has the stamp of approval from my internet crush/morning latte, Videogum. Gonna be good!


2Fast4Luv: An Evening Of Rare Gems, Seeds, and Stems with Everything Is Terrible!

Saturday, June 19, 2010 | 10:30pm

Co-presented by Videogum

Everything Is Terrible, the website consisting of ridiculous videos and out of context movie scenes ripped from old VHS releases, has been hailed by everyone from BoingBoing to Time Magazine, "Best Week Ever" to Videogum. Now the demented minds behind the site have brought us another trunk full of newly unearthed primo footage! 

The EIT crew has been working like pampered, over-fed slaves for the past year, bringing together thousands of hours of brain-boiling footage into one jam-packed jewel of an experience; as a sneak preview for their second DVD release, 2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift, they'll screen excerpts from the film and tons of other unseen madness along with a live, fully-costumed, fog-machined show that's been described as "a mix ofThe Holy MountainThe NeverEnding Story and the cult orgy from Eyes Wide Shut all shoved into one." 

Tickets - $10