Aviva Drinky

Man I've drunk-written so many deleted entries on this thing. You'll never know the stream of nonsense that runs through my noodle in the wee hours. Once I went on a tangent about Walrus moustaches on hipsters for 6 paragraphs before realizing the futility of my opinions. They don't matter.

But I HAVE been drinking Rose and beer with my homefries since the Cameroon v Denmark game this morning (okay well I started at 3pm, but the spirit of being wasted was with me). Anyhow, we're about to throw a little beach bungalow party in Venice and I have to go set up the food and start the bonfire, but I just drunk-wrote this in 2 minutes and since I never get a chance to talk to you guys, just thought I'd share:


(but really click here for actual intellectual stimulation. Johan Galtung is the Nostradamus of War & Diplomacy. Just bought the book. If anyone out there has read it and wants to do some heavy nerding with me, I'd love to discuss over the Internet).