Renn Faire Redux

Continued fun abounds...

Camille being beautiful as per uszh (???) (wtf) (sp?) (HOW DO YOU ABBREVIATE USUAL?)

 This guy makes me not want to make fake babies with my dude, ever. He had a gnarly goatee too. HES BASICALLY A GOAT

would SO wear this in real life


 "we'll stab you in the face with comedy"

 He was amazing. This is my favorite photo from the entire Faire. I can only hope I grow up to be this cool and happy. Dude is living.

troubador = hot babe

Sorry about my awful hair in this photo but look at how cool that mask is dude! The leather masks at Renn Faire were SICK. They had this Eyes-Wide-Shut-awkward-orgy-scene-meets-Commedia-dell'arte look.They were called Spirits of The Forest. Would link you up but the site suxx more than Ke$ha.

 This was so beautiful in real life. You guys should click on this to make it bigger, but my camera wasn't worthy. The textures and colors were spectacs.

Twas extra fun, Renn Faire freaks and awesome teenagers. Well met! I bid you good morrow and must pray pardon myself as it is time to go to work. Thine unrequited love with FUN hath been satiated.

Love you,