Friends and family

Got a new Blackberry and finally went through all my photos from the old phone. Pals from the last few weeks...

 Aska played at The Smell. She's in my inner circle of close LA friends who oscillate between hippie and witch. I think she's both with a little fairy mixed in, but I just call her Dragon Lady. I just watched THIS again tonight and it made me so sad. Do you think people can love each other so purely like that? Anyhow, Aska did the theme song and is in the film. I blogged all about it when Merks was here


 About 15 of us walked to this nothing bar nearby that I've never seen before and watched soccer. it was a Mexican bar that only served Mexican beer and Mexican wine. MEXICAN WINE. No tequila, just this weird, weak wine.

 My birdie and my bestie

 Camille is a Black Magic Woman. We just bought tickets to Tulum for July 4th weekend! Anyhow, her nail game, shoe game and jewelry game is t-i-g-h-t. So is her cloak game.

And here's me at my work party. I'm not even going to get into this, but all you need to know is that Alex Blagg (center) is Beyonce. That's all you need to know.

The lovely Bree, our Senior Writer

 What did I tell you?

Next weekend was my bday weekend. Went to Palm Springs with Matt Lenski, the birthday boy, and a bunch of pals. About 30 people came out to party over the weekend. It was a HUGE house but people were still sleeping everywhere. Thank god we had a nice private bedroom with no randoms! We partied our boobs/buns off so hard I had to leave the house Saturday all day to relax. Walked around and shopped, went thrifting, then checked into the spa at the Viceroy and got a massage and a facial. The perfect day.

The Viceroy is all little bungalows and very private. My kinda place. I hate scenes!

Speaking of scenes, we ate at the Ace pretty much all weekend. Frankie!

 Birthday Boy

Dexter, Jason, Nancy and I went to The Parker for dinner. Gotta say it was pretty incredible. I've stayed in some exquisite places in my life all over the world and I've never seen a more inspired hotel. The design and grounds were by far the coolest I've ever seen.

I'd get married there if I wanted a fancy wedding, which I don't. I want to take off traveling with my husband for 2 months making fake babies all over the world, and come back to New York to throw a fun party for all our friends and family. But if I were into fairy princess weddings, this would be the spot. ANYHOW!

Drove up to the Bay for a weekend. Irina and I at my parents' house in the woods. Not sure why we decided to pose so hard? Kinda crucial.

Went to Gia's studio to pick out two beautiful new necklaces- one gold, one silver.
check it out. It's nearly impossible to choose. And guys if you want to girlfriend someone special, CLICK HERE

Had a nice girlytimes catchup dinner w Pia at Chateau Marmont. Parrot showed up looking for Pamela Anderson.

 After dinner we went to the harshest place in all of Los Angeles: DRAI'S. It makes Teddy's seem like a wine bar. That shit was MAD CHEESY son. I mean, you should go there if you want to get your mellow harshed so badly you have Agita for two days afterward. 

I mean it was Timbaland's birthday and JT was performing (he never performed), but it was so crucial in there I couldn't even. Here are a few of the rage tweets so you can understand how it got progressively worse:

Literally the cheesiest place EVAR. Thank jeeeesus christ Camille and Dallas are in tow. This is Retardo Montalban #movingbacktoNYC 

WAIT! JT is performing for Timbaland!!! Please disregard last tweet.

Everyone here is ethnically ambiguous

We're so far up in da club we're coatcheck

@thearabparrot Sluts here for days. ENTIRE crowd screamed 'HEY!' In response to Timb's 'Where the single ladies at?' BARF
How come men in LA can't wear respectable denim? YOUR FANCY JEANS ARE A COSTUME. Its like having a dramatic moustache you look ridiculous  

Please join us on the roof of the W Hotel in glorious Hollywood, California. These girls aren't gonna date rape themselves

@amannini Head toward the glass fireplace near the douchebags. We're 45 degrees NW

Paris Hilton ended the night w a shout out 'to all the sexy bitches' from the stripper pole. Literally THE HARSHEST scene ever  

whuh-hooooaaaahhh I was on a Twitter tear last night. Thx for tuning into DRUNK TWEETS with Aviva Yael (agaaaaiiinnnnnnn)

I shall never visit that establishment again as long as I live. I'd also suggest avoiding the pool at all costs.
 Went to see Humberto and Carol at the Opening Ceremony BBQ. Aska picked me up in her fairy princess dress.

 Chris, my angel. Such a beauty!


 K-town has cafes and random spots that say "cyber" in their signage. Is this a strip club with internet access? A state of mind for people stuck in 1994? WHAT IS THIS PLACE?

The party was same place they always have it- The Prince Hotel. It's my #2 favorite bar in Los Angeles and can only be described as a hidden spot with low-brow opulence that serves Korean bar food.

My #1 bar is the Japanese after hours piano bar- M Bar on Temple Street (not the dirty skater bar on Vine). If you come visit me in LA I will take you there. M Bar, the Prince and El Cholo, that's my tour.

Back again soon guys!