Mah betch Elizabeth Spiridakis and Marisa Meltzer have finally released their first collaboration FIRST KISS ZINE, and YOURS TRULY is in it. If you've always wanted to know about the first time I started feeling special feelings in special places after the cutest guy in summercamp gave me some lip action, here is your big chance.

  photo courtesy of White Lightning

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Here's Elizabeth and Aya at my house in LA right before Elizabeth, Kat and Jill went on their cross-country road trip for Teen Vogue. Yep, Elizabeth got paid to thrift her way back to New York and take photos of their finds. NOT TOO SHABS.

The girls getting ready to take off
they named their van Kevin. Kevin. He died about 1600 miles into the trip. RIP Kevs.

oh nothin just a first season Marc by Marc graffiti t-shirt. My future teenage daughter will thank me for it someday.

she just straight up looks like my camp counselor from JCC camp, c. 1986

You can buy First Kiss Zine HERE