Hello from Sunny Austin, TX

Hi peeps-

How's everyone? I'm in Austin having a blast, meeting bands, shaking hands with labels and PR people, and covering the festival. It's a lot of work and kind of hectic, but fun. A few things I've learned here so far:

- Austin has the best vintage scene EVER. It's really cheap and all in one place.

- I didn't realize when I got here that I'd be taking my eyes on vacation to an island of tall skinny people called SXSW. Seriously, this is SMOKING HOT BABE CENTRAL.

- No matter what anyone says about SXSW, it's never NOT fun to see bands you're curious about or already love. Also, day drinking in the sun with your friends (or co-workers) is pretty much the best.

- 6th Street is absolutely VILE and should be avoided at night after 5pm. It's truly foul. Imagine Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, PC Beach at Spring Break, and the inside of a dog's butthole. Now cover it with a thin film of sticky, filthy, smelly garbage and you've got an idea of the scene.

- You can have sex with anyone on 6th Street after dark. ANYONE. Any ol' fucking body.

Okay welp, I gotta get downtown and to the Fader Fort today, but I'll be tweeting my adventures if you're interested. I also did a little jam about the WORST BAND NAMES at SXSW. They're so bad you guys. Check it out!

And if you're in Austin, hit me at gimmie the goss at g mail

i love you!