Nazi Stuff with Aviva Yael

I just saw THESE:

Unused Inglourious Basterds posters. Can you imagine how awesome these would look in print? I'm freaking. Would happily buy any one of these if I knew how to find them. Anyone out there know who or how? The art direction and wardrobe in that film were so gorgeous my eyes made a baby at the premiere. I was mezzzzz. Kept daydreaming about the sets and wardrobes well into the night, even though I got to study the pores in Brangelina's faces. Just kidding! They don't have pores. 

My favorite thing in the entire film was the wall-sized map in Hitler's HQ:

It's a crappy picture, but I would DIE for that in my big, Jewy, joke-writing office (dining room), right behind my desk (food table). Deutschiness!

Okay this is the opposite of Nazi things, but its IMPORTANT. Chris Jones wrote a really beautiful piece about Roger Ebert. Please please read it. I wouldn't be posting this if it didn't touch my soul. 

Last order of biz, if you're in SF tonight go to the Opening Ceremony party at the Levi's store to celebrate their new collaboration. The video makes me feel old. Leo Fitzpatrick is DJing and some New York pals will be there, as well as this little NAZI

photo care of Jerry and April

I love you,