Freezing my bunz off in New York

Hi pals!

Where have you been? I had THE single most scary, then relieving, then somehow hilarious (?) thing happen to me this week. It's the craziest story of my entire life, no joke. I will have to write about it but for now I'm headed to New York to go see my best friends and my extended family. Do a little work, wrap up a few things before I start my job (I shall miss you freelance work/bouts of unemployment/freedom/travel/weekday beachday/good times), and have some fun before I am strapped to a desk like an ACTUAL grownup.

So, if we are pals and you are in New York, let's make magic happen. I want to go to museums, fashion week parties, new restaurants and lots of artfaggy movies at Angelika, IFC and Sushine. I want to stop by Lit, my former place of employment/depravity, before it gets shut down. Oh what's that? You didn't see THIS?

Ha! Brian DeGraw is the poster child for the end of fun! But seriously, I emailed him the article with that photo of him smoking in the DJ booth at Lit and he said "man... I cant tell if I like that or if it really bums me out." I hope it can survive, but I have a grim feeling it won't. So many good times have happened in that batcave of a bar. Plus, Foss would lose his gallery (sadface).

Can't wait to get back to the city I truly belong in. New York, I'm gonna buy a house in you someday.

French fashion icon Lou Doillon in Vanessa Bruno's new campaign. Happy Fashion Week!! (thx for this Crystal)

PS- the new Diesel campaign sucks so hard I want to give it a dental dam.