Can someone tell me what in the South African hillbillydingdongsauce is going on with Die Antwoord and how they made it into my computer so fast? What the fuck is it??? Grime? Techno? Like, who follows them? Ravers with glow sticks or neo-nazis? I feel like someone would stomp me like an ant under Bovver boots at one of their shows but I DON'T CARE. What are we doing people? Let's get them to the States pronto! Can someone throw a house party they can destroy please? 

How is this methy West Virginia-looking gangster, an Icelandic-ish girl with an anime voice and a DJ with progeria syndrome making it happen? And I love that she's out-dressing Chloe in Gummo (remember the tiger bathing suit and hi-waisted white short shorts, bleached-out brows and feathered bangs? Iconic fashion moment in film).

Can't understand the Afrikaans/English pigeon they're speaking in this video but I'm p-retty 
sure it generally has to do with fucking some sort of system. PS, mini-Chloe Sevs can RAP.

Have you entered their SECRET CHAMBER yet? Genuinely frightened.