The Young Ones

Hi tharrrr... So you know how I'm the most inconsistent blogger EVER? Welp, thought end of January might be a nice time to share my New Year with you all. It began at dinner...

 $35. burger from Animal: Fried spam, quail egg, duck pate, no bun. Had to try it. I know.

Went to Gia's house to make masks for the Masquerade party...

Ingrid's mask was the coolest

Alex and Alexi

We went to KK Barrett's party which was super fun. There were a lot of interesting, creative people there (not to mention t-o-n-s of hot babes- too shy to take pictures) and KK's wife was amazinggggg. I had seen him on VBS (clip below) but didn't put it together that night. He used to be in the punk band The Screamers and now he does set design for Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola and Michel Gondry among others. This is a fascinating piece about how he did Where The Wild Things Are:

Back to the party...
Sonny and Larissa


Aska and Ariana went to the beach until midnight

KK's party was the best New Year's Eve party I've been to in 5 years, except for last year, but that was due to Aaron's amazing house, Aska's fresh homemade Japanese food and the fact that I made a baby with Lucky Dragons around a bonfire (then went to the Cha Cha). See? Not everyone in LA is an asswizard. In fact, sometimes I think of my friends out here as more like these guys:

fairly accurate illustration of what my life is like now

All the homies went to the Cha Cha. You can see pics of what we missed over at Pia or Patrick's blog, but I skipped the scene because I didn't want to do the same thing over again with exactly the same exact exact people who were there last year. But next day I got a full report at New Year's brunch...

Ted and Spanky

Lindsey and Frankie

Ran into Alex (check out her BITCHING vintage shades)

Ted was regularly spotted looking at his texts and making sadface (I love you Ted, come back old friend! It was boring for one whole entire day after you left!!)

Hangover cure: fried oyster po-boy w hot sauce and arugula

Spent the rest of the day watching movies at Spanky/Steve Lee's place. It was so overly duded out in that place I felt like I was trying to decompress inside someone's dirty sock. Around 8pm Neck walked in, shitfaced, points at me and says "you shouldn't sleep there. I pissed that." So I got up and moved to a featherbed on the floor and he goes "you shouldn't sleep there. Pissed that one too." Thought he was kidding ha ha (?) so I snuggled up, fell asleep, and woke to the truth: was sleeping in a crazy Mexican man's pee spot. NICE WAY TO START MY NEW YEAR. Moving along...

Oh wait, that was it. My New Year's Resolution this year is simple: tie up loose ends.

Trust me, when you have tons of projects looming and things you want to accomplish while trying make a paycheck, it's hard to finish what you've started. This happens to me all the time, thus the resolution. Here is an example of me not finishing what I started:

I began writing a book in 2007 called DEALBREAKERS which was even mentioned in the New York Times when they interviewed me about my first book. 2 years later, my DEALBREAKERS book idea became Tina Fey's running joke on 30 Rock and now some Williamsburg hipsters have a Dealbreakers blog with a book deal and an upcoming TV show. If I'd finished what I had started, I wouldn't be writing this. LESSON LEARNED.

My new little happy thought this year comes from our beloved Coco on his last night hosting The Tonight Show:

"If you work really hard and you are kind, amazing things will happen."

I really believe this.