Remember how I mentioned that my big giant SHAME LUST is Steve Olson? Welp, yesterday I had to stop by Supreme to borrow a copy of Lexicon Devil from Curtis (yeah, I know, everyone read it 5,000 years ago whatever) and I'm getting ready to walk in and who is in front of me but Steve Olson?

I DIDN'T WALK IN BECAUSE SHAME LUST NUMERO UNO was inside. This means that someone has punched a hole in the time-space continuum and made it a REAL CRUSH? NOOOO! SL isn't supposed to be a real thing. It's like your joke bone that you are ashamed to admit, but still wouldn't DIE if it happened to you. I mean you'd barrel through a shame tunnel, but it would finally be out of your system.

I mean, I don't think I have an IN REAL LIFE crush, but then why the fuck did I refuse to let him see me in my running shoes, leggings and manflannel with no makeup and a frizzy afro? I was PERFECTLY willing to walk into that skate shop and parade my crazy cat lady steez in front of a bunch of ACTUALLY hot and acceptable dudes, but I stopped myself on behalf of STEVE OLSON?? What is wrong with me.

Darby Crash has an amazing bio

Anyhow, if you want to know what the definition of shame lust is, please refer to Elizabeth aka White Lightning's HILARIOUS explanation on StreetCarnage today. She started this illustrious trend and you guys should go over there and tell her with whom you shamefully want to enter the Bewn Zewn. PS- she totally three-wayed with Adam and Adnan. SPREAD IT!