What seems to be the officer, problem?

Welcome back dudes! Sorry no Nick of Tim this week. They're on vacation in Cabo and will be back next week with new sexually transmitted diseases. In the meantime, here is my favorite love song from my favorite childhood movie, sung by my favorite romcom couple:

Bernadette Peters & Steve Martin in The Jerk

I thought I'd round up some LA social business since I don't have anything particularly interesting to write about today. Well, actually there is ONE thing. I had a nice quiet dinner alone at 6:30pm on a Monday night at Ikea. And by dinner I mean a full meal of mashed potatoes, meatballs, lingonberry sauce, gravy, and root beer with a side of dying alone. TABLE FOR ONE PLEASE SIR! So that's nice.

I kid! Let's look at funtimes...

Patrick and I went thrifting at St Vincents. He found the MOST amazing book c. 1982 about Princess Di and her inspiring modern princess fashion. Her wardrobe is the Preppy Handbook-meets-Debutante Ball. I'm currently eBaying this gem. If anyone out there has a copy and wants to part with it, I will buy it off you or exchange something of equal awesomeness from my collectible book stash!

View from his street in Echo Park

Last time I looked at his site was last summer when I was looking for pics from July 4th. I went to the beach w Aska, then drove to Patrick's for the fireworks. CLICK HERE FOR DRUNK SKATERS IN BARS.

That night we went to Aska's for a girls night w Jess, Olivia, Lindsey, Yasi and Chase. This is a photo of Linds telling the worst joke in the world. It's really special. If you see her at a bar, PLEEEASE corner her and make her tell it. It involves a slightly wiggerish number 7 from the mid-90's sweet talking a number 8. That's literally the best way to describe it.

Saturday morning Crystal and I shot Patrick and Amanny for our web series. They were shy at first. Pat was like "I don't want to talk," then ended up telling us about two dreams he had that week. Heh.

Next we went to shoot the Kennedy twins, Cory and Chris. I forgot to take pics of them (Chris looked GERGEOUS), but check out their cat:

CANNOT be bothered

They took us to Blue Plate cafe for mac and cheese pancakes and Kobe Beef hot dogs. I know it's boring to talk about but dude, the food was so good. SO. GOOD.

That night we went to a photo show and ran into some buds
weirdest looking photo of my face ever care of Pia's Twitter (add her)

Next we went to Desa's birthday karaoke party at the Smog Cutter. Dex tie dyed the cake!

 Birthday girl!

At some point Braydon 3-way hugged us and goes, "I'm going for the triangle tongue."


Sunday was the best day I've had in LA since summer (endless beach days with my foxy bikini pals). Woke up at 8am and went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Please click on this photo to witness the Fantasy Pop sensation below:

 Sounded exactly like this:

Dude had a serious timpani/windchime/triangle/steel drum/bongo/electric avenue/xylophone/New Age/Blue Man Group/Avatar Soundtrack thing going on. Speaking of Avatar, asked Sonny if he saw it and he goes, "Oh what, you mean Screensaver: The Movie?"

Ran into Chuck and Alisa! Their new store is opening up on Ludlow in 2 weeks... THE CAST


 Area rug for my breakfast room: $20.

Signed copy!

I was obsessed w this embroidered couch fabric French cut leotard circa 1990

Call me

Bought this dude for my bedroom

vintage Joseph Magnin rabbit fur tie-hat: $15.

Good times