Nazi Gold

Welp. Here we are. 2010.

Hope you guys had a fun New Year's. I went to a house party with exactly who I wanted to be with on NYE. Today I spent the day with my favorite LA pals brunching, drinking and watching movies at Spanky and Steve's. Super mellow funtimes. My old friend 'Handsome Ted' is staying here tonight which makes me happy. I love Ted and totally missed him! He's a funny and smart feller and happens to be one of my favorite writers. We used to share a blog a couple of summers ago, but that's ovuh.

Anyhow, I really don't feel like writing the usual stuff people write on New Years Day. Resolutions, regrets, in-with-the-new-out-with-the-old. WHO CARES? You can't possibly care about anyone's resolutions but your own, unless maybe you care half a turd about the resolutions and regrets of the person you're currently blazing. I don't feel like (over)sharing any of those things, but I DO feel like sharing the best thing to happen to the internet in 2009. It came at the 11th hour... about 5pm on December 31st I received THIS from my friend Jerry:

Jerry has been taking the world's most hilarious cellphone photos forever, which I'm bummed I didn't get to see until I moved to LA. I don't know how he lucks into so many amazing scenarios, but he does. You'll notice tons of racist stuff, lonely stuff, and awesome signage stuff. Add this to your blogroll and enjoy the cornucopia of subtle hilarity that surrounds him.

Happy New Year guys.