Veeversland: Part 3

BACK TO NEW YORK!!!I promised you I'd post pics of people and partying. Let's start with Pete at my #1 favorite restaurant in New York, Momofuku...


Listen up honey I'm gonna whisper something important into your ear. Momofuku's pork buns are SSSIMPLY SSSINFUL (said in gay man's voice). Oh you, you're just TERRRRRRIBLE eating those naughty things, especially with the recent weight gain and all. But you know what it's winter and everyone puts on a few extra pounds, so no bigs. I mean it's not like you're the only one with a rubber tire around your waist. Look at that woman in the Lane Bryant dress over there...looks like she's been riding the Momofuku train right along with you. 

Oh hon, don't be embarrassed! Keeping warm from the cold by building a protective layer around yourself is what prevents us from catching a cold, right? Anyhow, didn't meant to keep you from your meal. Looks like you're puh-retty hungry there, so I'll let you get back to it. Grrr you big hungry bear you! 

That was based on an actual conversation I wish I'd had. How badly I'd love to speak like that to dudes while they're eating, but for now the Undermining Homosexual Man inside of me will have to live in my spirit forever. Moving along...

 view from above the stage

Pete also took me to the Guggenheim to see Tanlines and Yeasayer. Pretty sweet party/show. I finally got to meet Jesse (Tanlines) who I met playing online Scrabble (obsessively). I don't have a pic of him so I ripped this from his FB:



This is Pete wearing special prism glasses they gave out. You may know him from a little magazine called Fader, of which he is the Editor. TIP: I get a lot of my new music from Fader's Twitter feed. Also listen to COLLETTE and grab songs from their playlist.

Celia gave my videos a great write up on STYLE.COM (thanks Celia! You're a smoking hot b-a-b-e)

Jauretsi hosted a Dia de los Muertes dinner. We said a nice prayer to all our loved ones who had passed. New Yorkers are pretty good about choking tears so far back into their souls their they actually die a little, so we got outta there without any major meltdowns.

Crystal made these for the pies:


And this takes us to Liz aka White Lightning's Big Birthday Bash: High tea with the ladies at Bergdorf's... LIVE FOR IT. Good training for when we join the Olds.

That night was John Roberts' birthday party. HE TURNED 47! OH MY GOD JOHN YOU'RE 47 HOW EMBARRASSING EVERYONE KNOWS! 


Me n Strubes



All roads lead to the Fish...


Rene and Sweeney MISS YOU SWEEEENS!

 Tony and Alanna (hi Alanna!) She had just returned from Art Basel and had a copy of Neck's book. Honestly amazing. No joke you should BUY ONE.

Next day the TOTALLY girls aka Crystal and I shot Meryl in her amazingmagicalmushroomhouse


Then we shot Todd and Katherine

Cafe Mogador is to Aviva what Cheers is to Norm

 Pi, Lindz and Crystal

 CAMEL TOE photo by Todd Jordan

We're shooting more pals today, gotta runnnnn