Sundays with Nick of Tim (and the Red Wine Boys)

by Nate Turbow

BONUS from Nate...

"This was me the first time I went down on a girl"

If you're in SF come see Todd and Jon in THE RED WINE BOYS (w John Hodgman from The Daily Show and Mates of State) tonight at Mezzanine. Click on the image below for the info:

I'm going w Jerry and April, who invited me to have a drink w them in San Jose last night. San Jose is a place I've never been so I was kind of excited to check the scene. Long story short, ended up going to a hip hop club (CUH-LUB) downtown, on a Saturday night, with like, turntablist DJs wearing beanies with bills. It was mostly Filipino guys throwing their hands in the air while the dudes in the DJ crew rapped over 90s hip hop jams. Music was amazing, but the grinding on the dancefloor sitch was not. I had NOOOOO idea that Jerry was such a clubber. He was spotted in the DJ booth giving shouts out to his girl and shit.* SPREAD IT!

so pretty

Thanks for the good times pals