God's Perfect Asshole

Hello dears,

You know that guy who does the Nick of Tim comics that I post here on Sundays? His name is Nate Turbow. Above is a picture of him from Monday on Orchard Street with America's Sweethearts. Follow him if you want to be hilarialized hourly: TWITTER.COM/NATETURBOW

Now let's get to... YOUTH IN REVOLT


Read my review of it over at Pee Pee Poo Poo Jokes HQ, where all the Little Couch-ranting Masturbators of the World unite:

Love those commentors- such a diligent bunch! After a year of being called a rich, spoiled, dumb, Jew, JAP, kyke, dyke, cunt, bitch, and told to die in at least 9 different ways, I have almost grown affectionate toward them. Like your best friend who's a Mean Girl. You know she's just being a turd because she's miz, but you don't want to ditch her because she's fun to hang with. Elizabeth (aka WhiteLightning) and I have our favorite commentor names, like 'Rape Valley'  'The President of the United States of Full Blown AIDS' and 'Jizz Hiccup.' Heh. Can't get all butthurt over interhate. It's part of the deal.

Next up: PHOTOS OF PARTIES, PALS, and PENISES! I know that's what you come here for anyhow- the cheap thrills. My friends have been complaining that there aren't enough photos. "Um, I'm a WRITER assholes," I say. To which they respond, "I want to see how much fun I was having before I puked... with the interiors of LIT in the background." As if this blog isn't shallow enough.