Veeversland: Part 2

Dear hot vintage girls who live in the lower parts of Manhattan: have you ever wanted a perfectly white eyelit onesie, a vintage logo PARIS attache by Jeremy Scott, or possibly a suede  thigh high wedge boot straight from Austin Powers' wet dreams? May I introduce you to Lisa aka Fullatron from Circa Now and Court, two of my favorite stores on the island. Her blog is bitchin btw. Oh what's that? A beautiful, stylish, polite Canadian clothes horse? Add that to your friends list.

Behold Lisa:

That was taken at the shop one day but the pic below is prettier (snatched from FB):

Bitch is FINE right?

Lisa just had her big 3-0. Thirty is the best year because unless you're a toad with a shitty personality, you're now happy and things are easier. You're no longer a slut with unrealistic, grandiose political ideas like you were in college AND you still look awesome in vintage dresses (but watch out because after 40 chicks start to look like art school teachers when they go retro).

By now you're comfy with yourself and you're pretty good at the sexxxytimes. You can talk soccer, bake apple pie AND give prize-winning beejs to your boyfriend. I can't wait to turn 30 someday!

Moving along, Ramona and I went to see Sean aka Har Mar Superstar at Jimmy Fallon. Tim Gunn and Willem Dafoe were the guests. We sat in the second to back row but were later stationed in the groupie section behind the band.

Later that night I went to go see Sean perform in Williamsburg with Elizabeth and one of the guys in the band said he remembered me from THE WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. What was it that could've been so bad Aviva, you ask? Welp how bouts Julian Voice-of-an-Angel Casablancas having a pre-rehab meltdown on me in front of the rest of the Strokes (who I was in love with at the time...all of em...who me one person from the tits populace who WASN'T in love with them). Even though this went down 7 years ago, Julian's rant was SO brutal that his friend who I haven't spoken to since remembered me from THAT. Ultimately it has a happy ending after a series of events, but I prefer not to think about it. If you ever want to hear it I'll tell you in person. It is a bar tale for the centuries. ANYHOW! SEAN!


Ramona's in Tokyo living the dream right now. I suddenly do NOT feel like recapping my trip to NY. Check out Moner's blog in the meantime.