From the Inbox

You know the Go Forth Levi's campaign that's giving us chills and making us feel young and free and like maybe everything will be okay? Those are done by Aaron Rose who is doing THIS:

From Aaron:

Hey All! In honor of the release of Beautiful Losers on DVD, we will be
screening a bunch of short films by associated artists this Saturday night
at Cinefamily. This includes RARE films by Mike Mills, Harmony Korine, Geoff
McFetridge, Spike Jonze, Chris Johanson, Jo Jackson, Thomas Campbell, Clare
Rojas and a bunch more. What's even better is that we will be there playing
a bunch of the stuff from the original VHS tapes!! There's a poster giveaway
too to anyone who shows up.

The Silent Movie Theater is one of the things I love love love about my neighborhood. LA is filled with under the radar secret spots. More New York stories coming up!