Thanks for making Jersey Shore a cultural phenomenon and persuading my friends who don't own televisions to reconsider joining society just a little bit more by purchasing one. Thank you for all the OMGlies that OMGfacts post every day. I enjoy knowing that 85% of all pregnant women crave nachos. And most of all, thank you for teaching me about THIS AMAZING STOCKING STUFFER. I am interviewing these GENIUSES about their incredible product later today. Check it out son:

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What else? Nothing. I'm bored! I've been cooking and doing yoga every single day since I've been home. I'm still going crazy because I can't stand not working at all times, but overall things are peachy. Getting ready for my holiday party on Friday and need a favor. Anyone in LA have a laminator I can borrow? We want to make PORNAMENTS for the tree. Obviously if you have a laminator you're invited to the party, so please inquire within!