Dear Readers

I'll be contributing some Pop Culture stuff to the Huffington Post. I'll also be telling New Yorkers who live in LA and love-slash-hate it here how to make life excellent. We give up the fun stuff and the constant inspiration for the sprawling property, beach and year-round sunshine. We also have to apologize to our eyes who surrendered the minute our toes touched the tarmac at LAX. I mean, there is NOTHING to look at here, folks. It's a wasteland, where taste, class, and decorum go to die. BUT... I have a figgin fireplace, outdoor dining capabilities in my patio, a rose garden in back and a fern forest in the front yard, so BUHBYE New York (shh...I'm moving back someday I can't take it anymore).

In the meantime, here tis: THE RISE OF THE GUIDO

Also, you can learn something about me below. It's from Hey-Bunny, Yasi's blog...from long ago, before I turned into a yoga turd who goes to Whole Foods in my running shoes and wants to write weenis jokes for TV.  I know, I know. You get to call me a cliche until the day I buy you with all my Hollywood money, then you have to shut the fuck up.